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March - 2016

Masters Golf Tournament

Relationship specialist - 

Love Expert


Psychic Stephanie's is rated highly from 92.8 % - 98.9% accurate.


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FOX News
October - 2011
Myths and superstitions.
The truth behind Friday the 13th and other superstitious hoax.


NBC News
January - 2009
More people turning to Psychic to predict economic predictions.

Love on the rocks? Is he or she the one?

Will you both get back together?

Is the one you are with cheating? 
There is help for you she can resolve any issue in any type of relationship.
With 20 years of successful experience she is a professional that specializes in Love and relationships.

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Every Wednesday - 2007

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Psychic Stephanie is a relationship specialist. Her specialty is mending and connecting true love, relationships, soul-mates and twin flames.

Stephanie is a generational Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claire-sentient and Spiritualist that has been instinctively performing Astral projection for over 14 years.

​Psychic Stephanie's is rated highly from 92.8 % - 98.9% accurate.

Medium - Spiritualist

Skirt! Magazine
October - 2013
Inherited intuition featuring Psychic Stephanie

Boca Beach Club a Waldorf Resort

May - 2014

Life Readings for Private Charity Event                     
In Boca Raton, FL on Yacht Lady Windridge

My Psychic/Spiritual consultations are done by clairvoyance (Psychically viewing pictures, Names, Words, Visions, Images, Symbols, Auras, ETC.), Clairaudience (Hearing voices - Gods, Angels, Spiritual Guides And Loved Ones.

I am a spiritual individual and attribute my ability and gift through GOD.

The information I receive concerns the past, Present and future. 
I will tell you what I see and not just what you "want to hear". 
All Psychic/Spiritual readings or any consultation are strictly 
private and confidential. 
Most importantly, I am very honest and straight forward, nothing is sugarcoated.

​​Love expert, specializing in reuniting, restoring, and mending broken relationships.

She is a powerful spiritual healer that can channel her energy vibrations specifically near or far, it isn't a matter where or who she is helping. And can connect with passed on loved ones. 

Psychic Stephanie

Psychic Stephanie Miller has been reading friends and family since she was 5, clients for over 23 years professionally and has been helping clients from all over the world for over 18 years and has yet to fail a client.